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Our Mission is to positively impact communities by bringing to life the full potential of our clients’ outdoor environments. We have come to 3 conclusions after 25 years in the landscape business. These conclusions guide everything we do and how we do it. We believe once you know them you’ll know us. All of our successes and lessons learned can be traced back to these three things.  We call it the MGM Experience. It’s what we deliver, to the best of our ability every day.

We don’t maintain landscapes, we grow them.

Our first customers taught us the value of a landscape. From them, we learned that a landscape is an asset we are entrusted to manage and increase in value over time. 


The MGM program is a collection of services rooted in quality and horticultural best practices designed to grow your investment.

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  We believe in the power of landscape.

We fulfill our mission, to positively impact the community, when we develop outdoor environments for our customers that represent who they are on their best day.


Our landscapes convey the commitment you make to your customers, employees and the community.

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We’re in the loyalty business.

We build deep rooted relationships that grow stronger over time, just like our landscapes. Satisfied customers come and go--loyal customers are for life.


We build deep rooted relationships that grow stronger over time, just like our landscapes.

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